Electro Guard – Real time monitoring

As an introduction to the Electro Guard system it is important to realize and not confuse this Internationally recognized and awarded system with standard CCTV systems.

The Electro Guard is in fact an Electronic Security Guard that never sleeps, steal, strike or even need breaks for whatever reason. It guards during all whether conditions and temperatures far below freezing point or during extreme summer conditions.

Electro Guard is not only the most awarded alarm system in the world but also the leader in the field of monitoring devices.
The entire system is Eskom free and NO wires between any of the devices. The RF communication is unique and internationally patented ensuring communication at all times.

Electro guard is not a standard alarm system but can be built up with various devices depending on the clients requirements.
The most important unit is the control panel which is the communication between all the devices and the control room, situated in Pretoria, via the inserted sim card. The sim card can be, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C or even where there is no network coverage, Ethernet. The control panel requires four LSH20 batteries with a battery life, under normal circumstances between three and four years. However, it is recommended (NOT COMPULSARY) to place the control panel on an additional 220v power supply, this not only saves the battery life but also alerts the control room when there is a power failure. In such an event the device automatically changes to the battery supply and sends an sms to the client “AC Power Failure” As soon as the power is restored the client again receives a sms notification “AC Power restored”.

This is ideal where the power supply is purposely disrupted with the intention of a robbery or break in.

Keypad Design

The keypad is used during the installation and setup and programming the system to the client’s requirements. It can also be used when the control room requires updates to the system or the client requires some programming alterations. It can also be used for arming or disarming the system. The keypad requires three LSH14500 batteries

Indoor motion viewer

Depending on the client and the need an indoor motion viewer with two builtin infra-red and night vision camera can be installed and requires three LSH14500 batteries.


Outdoor motion viewer

The OMV250 Outdoor motion viewer is all weather and UV resistant and insulated, equipped with four infra-red lights and a night vision camera. This unit is mounted to any surface or wall via the MB100 mounting bracket. The OMV250V also operates with four LSH14500 batteries. The mounting bracket is separate and is not included with the Outdoor motion viewer. If a client requires the OMV250V as a portable device one can use a magnetic mounting bracket or even a sturdy portable pole.

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